Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Democrats

The main advantages of democracy lie in safeguarding the integrity and human rights of the individual. Democracy protects its citizens from regimes with a single leader, thus preventing autocracy. Here are the top 10 reasons of why Democrats are worth to vote:

  • Firstly, democrats are traditionally considered to be a party of the poor, humiliated and insulted. And this is very fair position in our consumerist society. Since in the life of each person charity is one of the main virtues, and is prescribed by the fundamental commandment in all world religions. Noble people support  a system that at first glance may seem philanthropic: the redistribution of income from the rich to the poor. The state is seen as an instrument of such a charitable redistribution.

  • Secondly, modern people are for the most part decisive secularists, who do not like any articulation of faith in the public sphere. For this reason, they feel very loyal to Democratic Party, even despite the fact that the history and political life of many countries have been based on faith from the very beginning of the country’s existence. Democrats have moved away from this principle, and in their desire to transform the state of past to modern thriving state have cut the religious roots of their country.
  • Thirdly,  Democrats advocate equal access to good medical care for all members of society. They support large state spending on public health system and urge employers to provide their staff with proper medical insurance covering all medical issues.
  • Fourthly,  today people are in the power of mass media, especially TV, Internet and video content. Democrats openly disclose all manipulations and spin doctors who distribute fake information in media and  cheat on people’s minds.
  • Fifthly, Democrats  are obedient to law despite high political and social status. For example, Hillary Clinton  is the only first lady in the United States to testify in court. This story happened in 1996. Hillary Clinton gave evidence on the case of an illegal real estate transaction, tax evasion. The Clintons couple was  suspected of these crimes, as well as of perjury. As a result, the Clintons were acquitted.
  • Sixthly, environmental issues are crucial now to any society. Democrats fight against global warming both at legislation level and public campaigns. They promote wise use of natural resource and decrease in consuming of coal, oil, natural gas and electricity.
  • Seventhly,  Democrats are loyal to the issues of LGBT and so-called non-traditional views. They don’t object same-sex marriages and free partnership of same sex people.  Democrats don’t see anything strange or inconvenient in campaign that public bathrooms should be gender-neutral.

  • Eighthly, with a lot cases of gun shooting, Democrats stand for stricter gun use laws in order to decrease cases of homicide.
  • Ninthly, present day tendency of so-called ‘slow-life. It envisages wise consuming and respectful attitude to environment.
  • Tenthly, Democrats promote use of cutting edge technologies in all spheres of life. They believe that innovations are crucial in a proper development of a modern country.

Few nations have managed to implement democracy in its entirety, but those who managed to do that have the benefit of living under the most historically stable form of government.

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  1. 2017-12-16 Chris

    The main reason is that the Democratic Party is more peaceful…


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