Top 10 Fact about Democrats

The concept of democracy is based on ancient Greek and is formed by combining the words demos (which translates as “people”) and kratos (which can be understood as “power” and “government”). The notion began to be used in the 5th century BC, in Athens. All in all, democracy is a power of people. Here are 10 interesting facts about democrats:

  1. Free Citizens

Wikipedia defines  ‘democrats’ as  free citizens who… have slaves. Let’s ask ourselves: is this really the democracy, the erroneous definition of which is being “fed” on TV all the time? And who are we, ordinary hard workers, and they are the rulers of our country, servants of the people?

  1. Have Sparta’ Roots

First Democrats lived in Greek Sparta in ancient times. That times  point democracy was connected with dictatorship.

  1.   Participate in Mass Media Shows

Democrats don’t miss any opportunity to participate in TV shows, radio broadcasting or online streaming. They use such occasions to present their political views to their electorate and gain more popularity.

  1. Demonstrate Outspoken Public Speech

Democrats are always sincere and outspoken in public debates. They never hide their true views on important political, social, and economic issues of the country. Democrats use bright metaphors and special political thesaurus.

  1. Support Affordable Healthcare

Democrats advocate for affordable healthcare for all people of the country. It can be either public healthcare or medical insurance provided by the state or by the employer. In democratic countries good employers always provide their employee with A-class health insurance which covers stomatology and delivery.

  1. Strict on Gun Ownership

Democrats support gun ownership but demand stricter controls on firearms, for example automatic weapons. Nevertheless they are being criticized by Conservators who claim that gun control sometimes doesn’t work. For example, some cities in the USA have severe gun ownership laws but are full of violence.

In their row Chicago is the leading case. The America’s third biggest city recorded more than 500 homicides in 2016. And many cases simply shocked the world.

  1. Advocate LGBT rights

Democrats support same-sex marriages. Democrats advocate for transgender rights and states that public bathrooms should be gender-neutral.

  1. Care about Global Warming

Democrats want to decrease the use of coal, oil and other fossil fuels and replace them by sources of renewable energy. Democrats say they want to examine national legislation to make sure they do not conceal global warming.  In this issues they confront Republicans who  support  free market in order to select what energy source will fuel the country.

  1. Loyal to Immigration

Democrats are loyal to immigrants, making the process of immigration  easier. They want legally support people from other states who came to their country illegally but provide normal life there. Trump has called for deporting those people, all 11 million of them, and issuing a religious test to people coming to the U.S. from countries that have produced terrorists, though he may have softened on those positions.

  1. Advocate Fair Tax System

Democrats have some strict visions about tax code. They want affluent people and  large  corporations to pay their proper share.

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