Political Positions of the Democratic Party

The democratic party is a special non-governmental association, which seeks to achieve the goal common to its members through the election-based  right of political power. It targets to capture political power in a state. Another goal is to participate in the politics via its representatives in state bodies and local self-government. In democratic countries, political parties are guided by the interests of their voters.

According to the dictionary definition, party is a united group of people who directly objects to the task of managing political power in the state or taking part in it through its representatives in the bodies of state power and local self-government. Most parties have a program – a statement of the ideology and values, a list of its goals and ways to achieve them.

The political party is a hierarchical political organization that unites volunteers with general social-class, political-economic, national-cultural, religious and other interests and ideals, which aims to conquer or participate in political power.

The Democratic party as well directly targets itself to take over political power in some country or to participate in it through its representatives in the bodies of state power and local self-government.

Namely, democracy  which stems from Greek: δημοκρατία “power of the people” is a political regime based on collective decision-making with the equal impact of participants on the common outcome. Although such a method is applicable to any social structure, it works the best in the countries where the right of people power is respected.

The appointment of leaders by people takes place through fair and difficult elections. The people are the only legitimate source of power. The society carries out self-government for the common good and satisfaction of common interests.

The Main Objectives of the Democratic Party Policy Are:

–  shaping public opinion;

– political education and education of citizens;

– expression of opinions of voters on any issues of public life; bringing these opinions to the general public and state authorities;

– nomination of candidates to the elections of different levels.

Other goals are can be found in the political program of the party which is printed or presented on-line on official party website.

Why Is Democracy Important?

Democracy in ancient Greece was born as a measure to counteract the abuse of power exercised when one person or small group made decisions for others.

Now, in addition to democracy there are other forms of government, but they all have this characteristic in common: power is centred on an authoritarian leader or a small group that does not seek the common good.

Ancient democracy was not perfect and would hardly triumph with current standards, for of all citizens, only Athenian men of a certain age could participate; women, young people, foreigners and slaves were left without a voice.

Today, a crucial part of democracy is the fair inclusion of all citizens. For these and other measures to be implemented, a path had to be opened up based on ideas, actions and struggles.

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